Repurpose - Reuse - Recycle

75% Reduction In Carbon Since 2000

750,000 Tonnes Of Waste Treated Last Year

Enough Rubble Recycled To Build 10,000 Homes

900 Million Litres Of Water Treated Each Year


Recycling boxes reduces processing pollution by 95% because the fibre has already been processed.


Plastic is washed, ground and melted,  and broken down into monomers to form new polymers.



Lithium-ion  batteries must be recycled at specific battery collection points.


 Rubber is placed into a granulator and transformed into crumb rubber.

About Us

We specialise in collecting business and municipal waste and recycling and processing, it into green energy.

What We Do

We collect waste from households businesses and local authorities so it can be remade into another comodity or green energy.

Global Locations

With active recycling centres in several countries around the globe we are one of the world’s largest most efficient waste management companies.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable team, who will be happy to help with all enquiries you may have, and guide you on the best waste management solution to suit your individual or commercial needs.

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