Nail health: Maintains healthy nails.

    Cuticle care: Neat and healthy cuticles.

    Skin exfoliation: Smoother, softer skin.

    Hydration and moisturization: Prevents dryness, promotes suppleness.

    Nail strength and durability: Stronger, more durable nails.

    Relaxation and stress relief: Pampering, stress reduction.

    Aesthetics and self-confidence: Polished appearance, boosts confidence.


    Foot hygiene: Maintains cleanliness and freshness.

    Callus and corn removal: Smooths rough skin.

    Nail care: Prevents ingrown nails, promotes nail health.

    Moisturization and hydration: Combats dryness, prevents cracked heels.

    Stress relief and relaxation: Soothes and relaxes.

    Improved circulation: Enhances blood flow.

    Aesthetic appeal: Enhances foot appearance, boosts confidence.

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What Our Clients Say

Fabulous experience with my 2 daughters. Spotlessly clean environment. Our wedding nails were perfect and have lasted so well. Thanks!! -Lesley B

Sarah and Hannah are very professional. I wouldn't trust any one else to touch my eye browns. Highly recommend this salon - Jessica F

Went today for a brow tint and wax. Felt very comfortable given the circumstances. Hannah and Sarah are very professional, and the salon was immaculate and following covid regulations. Would highly recommend using House of nails and beauty to anyone. Will definitely continue to use them. - Linzi Y

Always a pleasure to come here. Lovely staff, I'd recommend nails and lashes! Not too expensive either. They follow CV19 rules and guidance as everything is sanitised and well cleaned. The salon is very well presented and looked after with love and due care. Would highly recommend this place! - Julie B