Web Design Cardiff FAQ

Web Design Cardiff FAQ

Web Design Cardiff FAQ

Yes indeed you will, we will provide documentation on how to do this.


yes we do check more info can be found here

We prefer to chat with clients via email or messenger apps, the reason for this is there is always a record of all conversations that we can refer back to throughout the design process, and it is like a form of taking notes from start to finish.

If you dont like the initial design you just simply tell us what parts you dont like and why, we will them simply change them in line with your feedback

You can have as much or as little as you like we will discuss everything before we start and you will be shown examples of sites to make sure you like the direction things are going before we start.

yes there will be a basic level of optimisation done for example, entering keywords into titles and descriptions etc making sure keyword is displayed in body text.

Yes, we do –

For basic help and advice, especially once your sight is newly handed over we are always here to support you.
For major sight changes and things like ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting you have the option to take out our maintenance plan, which will take care of everything including any help you may need.

Alternatively, we can invoice you as and when you need any help or site updates, for example, if you need to make major changes to the site layout or design.
HOWEVER !!!! we will never leave you high and dry, and if you are experiencing issues we will always be here to help. It is just easier and cheaper for some, in the long run, to sign up for a monthly plan, so we can keep the site updated and running smoothly.

you can send it over via we transfer or email, we are happy to work with whichever service you are used to.

We aim to complete your website within 1 month of the deposit payment entering our bank account.

Yes, it will be fully optimised for mobile and tablet.

Usually you will need around 3 pages to begin with, for example – Home Page / Contact Us  / About Us / however, each site is different and has different needs The best way to estimate how many pages you may need, is to think about what services or products you offer and how you want them orgnised on the site.

The cost of a website can vary greatly depending on the specific needs of the project. Every website is unique and requires different features, functionalities, and design elements, which can affect the overall cost.

We accept payment by bank transfer directly into our account. This will be 50% deposit initially and then 50% payable once the work is fully completed, and you have signed off on the work.

Web Design Cardiff FAQ - Recently Completed Websites

Francesca Carly Official
Francesca Carly Official
Created a wonderful piece of work for me and my fiance. Very professional and willing to go the extra mile to ensure our requests were met!
Matt is fantastic! He presented his original designs based off my descriptions. From there he was extremely receptive and professional in adjusting the logo design in line with my requested requirements. Constantly editing in line with what we needed for our logo and company label design. A testament to his work!
Rhydian Edbow
Rhydian Edbow
A very fast and effective service. Very reliable and is there throughout the whole thing until the end project.
William Charles
William Charles
Professional and very talented! Brilliant website design, so much better than my old site. Will definitely hire again in future ^^